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WealthGap Launches Capitol Hill Alpha Portfolio

Disclaimer : Anything mentioned in this post is not financial advice and is for informational purposes only. We do not recommend buying or selling any securities that are mentioned in this article. All investments carry risk and there is no guarantee of profit nor protection against loss. WealthGap does not provide any legal, tax, or accounting advice.


In the US Government, politicians have access to inside information all the time knowing which laws will pass and which will not. Thus, they can take advantage of this information edge and make investments that outperform the market overtime. Now, WealthGap launches Capitol Hill Alpha Portfolio, which mimics the stock exposure of a certain important politician(s) in Washington so our users can invest on a level playing field.


Whenever the politician(s) make(s) a new trade, the Capital Hill Alpha Portfolio will rebalance the holdings so our users will have the most up to date exposure to his/her portfolio(s). Although this is not an outright complete replication, we try to help our users invest in the same stocks that these politicians own. To completely replicate their trades, you would need millions of dollars. Now, with only $500, you can invest like Washington's elites.

Proven Outperformance?

WealthGap has not conducted any back test on the Capitol Hill Alpha Portfolio so we are not strongly convinced that it will outperform the market over time. However, we understand there are many people (especially WallStreetBets) in this country who want to replicate politicians' trades. We hear these people's needs and have now created an opportunity for them to easily follow Capitol Hill's trades. Time will tell whether this will outperform the market.

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