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WealthGap Founder Launches Personal Strategy

Disclaimer : Anything mentioned in this post is not financial advice and is for informational purposes only. We do not recommend buying or selling any securities that are mentioned in this article. All investments carry risk and there is no guarantee of profit nor protection against loss. WealthGap does not provide any legal, tax, or accounting advice.


WealthGap is proud to announce the introduction of our new 3 Commas Portfolio, designed exclusively for high net worth individuals. The name stems from the fact that a billion dollars ($1,000,000,000) includes three commas, perfectly symbolizing the wealth aspiration this portfolio caters to. What sets this portfolio apart is its active management by WealthGap's founder, a stark contrast to our other offerings that simply replicate hedge fund positions.

The minimum investment threshold is set at $500,000. We have waived the lock-up period and the management fee. Our incentive fee is 10%. For instance, if there is no gain in the first year, WealthGap charges nothing, whereas a 15% gain would result in a fee of $7,500 (calculated as 15%*10%*$500,000) on a $75,000 profit.

To be eligible for the 3 Commas Portfolio, clients need to meet either of the following criteria:

1. Have at least $1 million in assets under management with WealthGap.

2. Possess a minimum net worth of $2.1 million, excluding their primary residence.

Previously, WealthGap had offered portfolios that emulated the holdings of top-tier hedge funds for a modest fee, thereby democratizing access to billionaire-grade financial products. Today, we are excited to offer our founder's personal investment strategy to select investors. Initially, this portfolio will be exclusively available to family and friends.

Charlie Munger once said, "I think great investors to some extent are like great chess players. They're almost born to be investors…"Our founder's investment acumen is rooted in humility and driven by unparalleled expertise. His success in identifying lucrative business opportunities at attractive prices has been proven time and again since his college days, when he first began managing money. He was able to spot Apple's potential in 2015 before even Warren Buffett did, generating substantial returns for his friends and family.

He is a diligent student of investment, having absorbed knowledge from numerous Warren Buffett books, annual meetings, and speeches over the past 13 years. Recently, he has also been inspired by Ray Dalio's economic insights.

Those who had the foresight to invest with Buffett in 1964 have enjoyed a return of 3,787,464% on their original investment. A $500,000 investment then would now be worth around $19 billion. Similar to hedge fund managers like Soros, Druckenmiller, and Simons, our founder understands the potential headaches of managing investor relationships and may return investor capital in the future.

Though we cannot promise that the 3 Commas Portfolio will be available indefinitely, we believe that now is the unique chance to capitalize on our founder's expertise. His unwavering goal is to reach that illustrious three-comma net worth. Do you aspire to join him on this journey?

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