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Invest In Yourself And Not Others

Disclaimer : Anything mentioned in this post is not financial advice and is for informational purposes only. We do not recommend buying or selling any securities that are mentioned in this article. All investments carry risk and there is no guarantee of profit nor protection against loss. WealthGap does not provide any legal, tax, or accounting advice.

A lot of times we spend money on unnecessary things, which is fine once in a while just don't make it into a habit. What I am about to say may offend females so reader discretion is advised. Our readers come to WealthGap to learn how to become wealthy so please don't take offense if I rationally analyze the following crucial financial decision most people make incorrectly. The number one thing that we waste most money on is women (or men for women, but we know societal norms dictate men paying most of the time so I will continue writing this article in men's perspective).

Overspending Will Set You Back

It is human nature that men desire to mate with women and when we pursue women we end up spending money unreasonably with no guarantee of success. When you court attractive women it is inevitable to spend lots of money. Men really should not spend >2% of their total liquid(cash & stocks) net worth on women. Next time you want to buy her that Chanel or Hermes bag, be mindful how much net worth you have relative to how expensive that gift will be. That means if you are thinking of buying a $12,000 birkin for your girl, you should have at least $600,000 in liquid assets. Otherwise, $12,000 would cost you a hefty fortune over time. Assuming you get an average return of 15% on your investments then 10 years later $12,000 would compound to ~$49,000. Girlfriends are temporary, but your money is lost forever. You will never become rich if you keep spending sizable portions of your net worth into girls.

Spend That Money On Yourself Instead

I am not a relationship expert, but from a financial standpoint it is much better to spend that 12 grand on self improvement. Go take a boating class if that's what you're into or buy a nice watch for yourself instead. Why spend that kind of money on anyone other than yourself? Don't spend big money to make someone else attractive. Make yourself attractive and let the girls chase you. When you're sick of the watch at least there is some salvage value. When you send out a gift it is a goner. Buying a watch is nice, but it is optimal to just invest the money in quality stocks so you can afford not one but a couple luxury watches in a few years. Men have an advantage where we can be at our prime until late 30s. Don't recklessly spend money in your 20s because you have plenty of time to enjoy your harvest in your 30s.

The Famous Jamie Dimon Letter

There was a famous letter that effectively portrayed the economic relationship between men and attractive women. The person claimed to be JP Morgan's CEO, Jamie Dimon, but I doubt it was actually him. Click here to access the letter. This letter is quite mean and politically incorrect but the content makes total sense.

Personal Experience

To share my personal experience, I fulfilled this girl's dream to be featured at Time Square on my company's advertisement, but she merely commented, "You didn't even spend that much money on this ad right?". She was correct :) It wasn't much money to me at the time because she somehow got a really good deal from NASDAQ and Thomson Reuters. For those who understand, it was never about the money. That's why I advise all the aspiring billionaires out there to be more defensive on your investments in girls. When you court girls by spending money, you are taking a risk. There's no risk in investing the money to build a higher net worth for yourselves..


Think hard before you make any large purchases for your girlfriend. Is this a temporary relationship? If it is, do withhold from buying overly expensive designer bags and jewelries for her because it makes much more sense to spend it on yourself or to invest that money to make more money. However, all rules can be broken if both of you are in love and are looking to get married. You should provide the best for your woman

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